City Photography

DSM skyline sunset Nikeffx1 watermarkedLight on Locust 10 b80p light trials 1 watermarkedLight on Locust 8 b30p fav2 ansel watermarkedThe Travelers straightened watermarkedWOAB at Center St. Dam night watermarkedDSM River @ WOAB night 2 ct1b25 watermarkedDSM River @ WOAB night 4 b,s watermarkedDSM River @ WOAB night 1 2lt mnlt watermarkedNomad at night 3 (best exposure) straightened,tighter crop watermarkedpolice honor flag watermarkedRoux's reflection LE watermarkedcentennial-bridge-aphrodite-watermarkedWest Bottoms Building 1 ST watermarked18th and Vine mural watermarkedArt Alley Reaper Duck 2 watermarkedAlley Rat mural KC 1 color reveal edit watermarkedScribe alley art 1 watermarkedAsian lion statue at zoo 2 watermarkedDSM skyline at sunest watermarked

State Capitol at sunset 75b watermarkedFlag flying atop iowa state capitol building watermarkedshattered silence monument sunset below clouds watermarkedshattered silence dsm skyline sunset angle watermarkedSunset on Shattered Silence Monument 1a watermarkedshattered silence silhouette at sunset watermarkedThinker looking at DSM luster watermarkedRed metal sculpture 2 watermarkedNarnia Door East Village watermarkedDSM Social Club ocean mural square watermarkedOld Main Bulldog Strong watermarkedOld Main 1 watermarkedOld Main Drake Univ. 1 watermarkedTeal and Orange DSM skyline watermarkedShattering Silence 3 watermarkedLocust to the Capitol 1 watermarkedDSM from Simon Estes Plaza 3 watermarked