Take a Hike: Ledges

I often get asked why I don’t hike at Ledges more. Facts: It’s close to home and it’s got some great hiking trails. Also facts: It’s busy and crowed almost every time I try to go there.

When I hike I prefer to see no one. I hate crowded trails. I’m often out there to reset and have some me time. I don’t want to fight crowds of people. I don’t want to make small talk on the trail. I don’t want to trip over your dog. I want to take photos; preferably without people in them. And I want to take my time doing it. I’m not a speed hiker. Well, I take that back. I’m not *usually* a speed hiker. If there’s a swarm of mosquitoes chasing me around the trail, you can bet I’m hightailing it back to my car, but aside from that, I just want to walk at a regular pace and take in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature.

Why I decided to go to Ledges on this mid-April day, I couldn’t tell you. I was desperate for a hike most likely. And, since it’s close, it was easy enough to do later in the afternoon. I figured while I was there I could catch a sunset too.

I immediately regretted the choice when I pulled in and saw the whole place parked full. In fact, I almost left. But I really wanted to hike. It was such a beautiful day and I was so tired of being cooped up inside. So, I took a deep breath, grabbed my gear and started to hike down into the canyon. Oh, yeah, by the way, the road was closed because of the flooding in Lower Ledges, so it was hike in, hike out only. Of course hiking down is never as miserable as hiking up, but clearly I survived. I just won’t be doing it again anytime soon.

trail at ledges 1 watermarkedCreek at Ledges 1 watermarkedRocky creek at Ledges watermarkedtiny purple flowers 1 watermarkedWater spilling over road at Ledges 1 watermarkedWater spilling over road at Ledges 1 ansel watermarkedSunflare over trail at Ledges watermarkedBridge sunburst 2 watermarkedCanyon Road sunburst 1 watermarkedBokeh sunflare over road at Ledges 2 watermarkedWaiting for the shot watermarked.jpgLedges Sunset 1 watermarkedSunburst over the horizon 3 watermarkedSunburst over the horizon 7 watermarked

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