Gravel Travel with a Hike: Boone and Polk Counties

My gravel travels rarely take me into Polk County, but on this particular afternoon, I was struggling to find much in the southern portion of Boone County that was catching my eye (one corn crib) and, before I knew it, I was on the north side of Big Creek. I ended up finding a little trail that I could hike with a wooden footbridge that spanned over the creek. On the other side of the bridge: several egrets that didn’t seem to mind me and my camera. It turned out to be a pretty cool find. I may have to give this area a little more attention in the future. I’ve been wondering if it might be a good spot to catch the sunset…I’ll let you know if it.

Crib north of Madrid 2 watermarkedCrib north of Madrid watermarkedCrib north of Madrid 3 watermarkedUpper Big Creek stream reedit 8x10 watermarkedUpper Big Creek 2 watermarkedUpper Big Creek 3 watermarkedUpper Big Creek 6 watermarkedUpper Big Creek 5 watermarkedFootbridge 1 watermarkedEgret 2-01 watermarkedFungi on tree 3 watermarked

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