Take a Hike: Spring Lake Surprise

Have you ever set out with a plan only to get to your destination and have those plans completely obliterated? Yeah, so that was this trip. I set out for some sunset shots at Spring Lake near Jefferson with the intent of hiking around the lake to this spot where I knew I’d be able to use a really neat old barn in the middle of a field for my backdrop. I was about to find out that the joke was on me.

I arrive, park, and hike through the mud and snow (yes, at the end of March there were still some large piles of snow on this trail) on the trail that runs along the lake only to get to where I *know* I photographed this barn before only to find the landscape completely bare. It was just…gone. Nothing. I was so surprised. And I was so disappointed. I don’t recall this barn being in bad shape and while it wasn’t a spot I frequented often, I was shocked to find it gone. Not only was I sad it’d been torn down, but my plans for some beautiful sunset shots hand just been ruined. Ugh.

So, now what? Well, I hiked out, snapped a few photos of the lake, and then hopped back in my car and drove. No longer with a plan, I just played a little left, right, left until I found something that caught my eye. My luck improved when I spotted another barn. And, as a bonus, next to the barn was a few wilted cornstalk bales. Both made for some pretty cool shots that I am quite pleased with.

Birdhouse sunflare 1 watermarked

Spring Lake dock 1 watermarkedSpring Lake dock 1 matte40per watermarkedSpring Lake dock 1 lksldk watermarkedSunset at barn 2 watermarkedSunset at barn 4 watermarkedSunset at barn 6 watermarkedcornstalk bales sunset 3 watermarkedcornstalk bales sunset 4 watermarkedcornstalk bales sunset 1 watermarkedcornstalk bales sunset 2 watermarked

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