Take a Hike: Brushy Creek in the Snow

I’ve never exactly been quite about my distaste for winter. I don’t particularly care to be cold and, unless I can be stranded at home, I really dislike snow. And ice. And anything that resembles either of them. Having just been through a blizzard that dropped several more inches on top of the already large pile we’ve accumulated this month, I can, without a doubt, say that I’m 100% over this season. I want spring. I want warmth. I want those beautiful pops of color that drains out of the landscape in the winter months. But, when none of that is an option, the only thing to do is make due.

When I headed out for a hike in late December, it was a balmy 45 degrees and sunny. The snow that had fallen earlier in the week had since melted, leaving things a bit muddy, but manageable. That was not the case upon arriving at my favorite hiking spot. I pulled into the parking lot and saw snow. Lots of snow. Only 40 minutes north of me they had apparently received quite a bit more and unbeknownst to me, it was still in piles on the ground and the parking lot was a sheet of ice.

Not to be deterred, mostly because I really wanted to hike, I decided to stay and see if I could get a couple miles of trail in. I swapped my cowboy boots for my mucks (this was a job for boots with tread), threw my pack over my shoulder and started out.

This day was mostly about the hike. It was about getting outside for some fresh air and a little R & R in nature. Of course I did stop a few times to snap some photos. I had a lot of fun trying to find different compositions using the trees and even some leftover corn stalks to capture some sunbursts. I’d been wanting to play with this technique a bit more and since the rest of the landscape was fairly uninspiring, the sun became my focal point. I also hit up a few of my favorite spots around the waters edge for some icy lakescapes.

On the way back home I spotted a barn (I know, crazy, right!?) and had to pull over for a few shots.

Overall, it turned out to be a pretty great day. The snowy trails made my hike a bit more of a workout and the challenge of composing interesting sunburst shots got me out of a bit of a photography rut.

Brushy lake frozen pano watermarkedBrushy lake frozen pano lk watermarked

cracks in the ice 1 lksl watermarked

trees through frozen lake 1 tcs watermarkedtrees through frozen lake 1 cool tones matte watermarkedtrees through frozen lake 1 cool fg pink bkg matte watermarkedtrees through frozen lake 1 cool fg pink bkg gold over matte watermarked

Corn stalk sunburst 2 watermarkedCorn stalk sunburst 2 hkdl40per watermarkedCorn stalk sunburst 1 watermarkedCorn stalk sunburst 1 hkdl35per watermarked

Barn near Brushy 2 watermarkedBarn near Brushy 2 lk watermarkedBarn near Brushy watermarkedBarn near Brushy lk watermarked

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