Take a Hike: Unassuming Beauty Edition

When the weather takes a turn and the landscape moves from the vibrant colors of fall to the drab tones of winter it can take a bit of creative thinking to find some interesting subjects. I tend to struggle to find inspiration when the cold creeps in and the landscape beings to lose its usual lively vibrance. But, the reality is, there is beauty everywhere if you’re willing to look for it.

While hiking at Brushy Creek late last fall I came across several dying or dormant prairie plants and was instantly drawn to them as they were illuminated by the late afternoon light. I spent about twenty minutes circling the various species, trying to figure out how to make fifty shades of brown interesting. What I ended up with surprised me. It also reminded me that sometimes it’s important to slow down and look around…that the most unassuming objects can often be just as striking and beautiful as its colorful counterparts.

dying flower 1 blch40per watermarkeddying flower 2 watermarkedlovely dead plants 1 watermarkedorange flower red berries 1 watermarkedorange flower red berries 2 watermarkedRed prairie plant 3 watermarkedRed prairie plant 1 watermarkedleaf on twig 1 watermarkedrusty leaf stuck on limb watermarkeddying prairie flowers 1 watermarkedwhite prairie flowers 3 watermarkedwhite prairie wildflowers 1 watermarkedwhite priarie flowers 2 watermarkedsnail shell on moss watermarked

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