Gravel Travel: Making Gloomy Gorgeous

On one of my last days off for the year, I decided that regardless of the snow flurries floating through the air I was going to get in another gravel travel before old man winter arrived and stole my mojo.

I started out trekking along the southern edge of Boone and Greene counties where I spied a few neat barns before wrapping back toward Dallas County to try my hand at long exposure at the Redfield dam (where I learned that for the process to actually be effective I really need to invest in some HD filters). From there I headed south into Madison County to drive through Pammel Park (which unfortunately left me a bit underwhelmed–although I think it may have been the weather and the lack of color left on the trees, but it was a pretty quick cruise through the park before I was back on gravel) and some of the gravels in the surrounding area (I think I even found the area referred to as “Rippy Dumps”!).

While not the most successful of trips in terms of photographic goodness, it definitely wasn’t a complete disappointment. But then again a few hours cruising back roads rarely is. I managed to find a small pop of color while walking a trail, but other than the red brick of the barns, the barren brown landscape didn’t give me much to work with. I kept most of these edits a bit moodier in terms of tones and many of them, especially the few of the dam, I did in black and white as it seemed to fit the mood a bit better.

Brick Barn 2 watermarkedBrick Barn 1 watermarkedBrick barn side door mm70per watermarkedBrick round silo barn watermarkedIowa Ave watermarkedPink berries 1 watermarkedRedfield Dam 3 lk watermarkedRedfield Dam 6 lk slight straighten watermarkedRedfield dam longexpo 5 lk watermarked

Slightly frozen pond mm80per watermarked

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