Take a Hike: Dolliver Memorial State Park

Now that the mornings are getting a bit cooler I can finally satisfy the itch to get out on the trails! In need of a good hike, I decided to head up to Dolliver Memorial State Park and hit a trail or two. I ended up pick the Boneyard trail, one that I hadn’t done before at this park. The Boneyard trail runs both through and above the “Boneyard Hollows,” a narrow ravine that runs between tall rock walls. It is said it was given it’s name by early settlers who found large amounts of buffalo bones in the canyon. This 1 mile trail snakes through these tall rock cliffs at the bottom and over them at the top. In addition to the Boneyard trail, I think I hiked a fair amount of the Center Trail (a 1.4 mile trail). All around, it was a great hike. I had the trails to myself, and with the exception of one down tree on the trail, they were relatively well-maintained.

My biggest complaints about this park continue to be the lack of parking near trail-heads and the lack of labels of said trail-heads. I find it really aggravating when I can’t determine where the trail begins or which trail it even is. I’ve done almost (I think) all the trails at this park, and while I will likely continue to partake in them, I’d really like to see the DNR make the place a bit more user-friendly in the future.

Dolliver road 2 watermarkedRoad through Dolliver 1 watermarkedBoneyard trail watermarkedGreenery 1 watermarkedLush greenery in the boneyard 1 watermarkedFelled tree over rock formation in the boneyard watermarkedRock formation in the boneyard 1 watermarkedFelled tree over dry creekbed 1 watermarkedTroll bridge 1 mm70per watermarkedTroll Bridge 2 mm80per watermarkedTroll Bridge 4 mm70per watermarkedTroll Bridge 3 mm70per watermarkedRock stack 2 mm70per straightened watermarkedRock stack 1 mm70per watermarked

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