Fun at the Fair: Plymouth County Fair 2018, part 2

Once the sun begins to set, and fair festivities of the day wind down, the grandstand is the place to be. The night we went was Demolition Derby night and it was an absolute blast! I’ve been to the derby here before, but this is the first time I’ve had the chance to take photos.

The event started out with a kids derby–which, let me tell you, was the cutest thing on four wheels. These little tykes were all about bumping each other around the arena in their little battery-powered jeeps.

**Photo-heavy post. To see full-size images, click on the grids and click through to see each image.

Kids Derby lineup pano wateramarkedKids Derby All in 2 watermarkedKids Derby boys vs girls watermarkedKids Derby Head On watermarkedKids Derby Money watermarked

When they were done, the big kids came out to play. There were several classes, ranging from 5 cars to upwards of 15 cars in each class. There were some hard-hitting battles on the dirt that night!

Demo Derby Lineup pano watermarked


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