Girls Day Out: An Abbreviated Adventure

It’s been a bit since I’ve had a photog outing with Mrs. JoZilla. We attempted an outing in May with plans to hit the Amana’s in the morning and then circle around to Prairie City to spend some time at Neil Smith Wildlife Refuge and end our day in Pella. Unfortunately, car trouble and a thunderstorm thwarted our adventure a bit. We did make it to the Amana’s but did little in the way of photography and more in the way of shopping and eating.
We started out on the west lawn of the capitol building in Des Moines, goofing (I know, it’s so hard to imagine) off a bit with Mrs. JoZilla’s alter-ego, BeeZilla. We took a few shots of her buzzing around the flowers, but then decided to try something a bit more on the creative scale. It wasn’t until after some fun editing (the city of Des Moines photo is one of mine, the planes were a free stock image), BeeZilla was truly born. This is my first attempt at a composite of this nature but I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

Ruan BeeZilla 1with planesx31c watermarked

After we finished be epic goofballs and getting some laughs from an older gentleman passing by, I snapped a few photos of the beautiful flowers that adorn the Capitol’s west lawn, looking toward the Des Moines skyline.

Then we headed to Marengo for a brief stop at the Iowa County Courthouse before continuing on to the Amanas. We’re hoping to make up the remainder of the trip sometime in the near future.

Iowa County Courthouse 2 watermarkedIowa County Courthouse 3 watermarkedIowa County Courthouse 4 watermarkedOld Americana watermarkedlilacs around fence 1 watermarkedlilacs around fence 2 watermarked

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