Gravel Travel: Greene County (again)

So, you might have noticed that I’ve been exploring Greene County a lot this summer. I didn’t originally plan to make it a series, but I’ve had a few gravel travel trips that have taken me through Greene County and, as it turns out, Greene County is quite photogenic. And, I’m not even close to being done with my explorations. This installment of Greene County photos is as a result of my trip to Dunbar Slough. I turned the morning into a mini road trip of sorts, plotting my path and picking some areas I hadn’t been through or areas I had been wanting to check out when I had my camera with me. I ended up with some really great country scenes that are very much Iowa.

I pulled over for this barn as the sun was rising. It was tucked so neatly in this soybean field and the golden morning light was reflected beautifully off its face.


Two lonely trees…one on a hill (One Tree Hill, anyone?). I did four edits for the first and three for the second. Which tree do you like? Which edit speaks to you?



Sometimes, it’s fun to play in the road in between trees and barns.

GC Road 1MM watermarked

A couple more barns that caught my eye, edited in color and black and white.

Greene County Barn 1 watermarkedGreene County Barn 1 ansel watermarkedtriangle door barn 1 watermarkedtriangle door barn 1 lk watermarked

And then there was this windmill, sitting so tall and majestic in a pasture as if time hadn’t left it behind. While some of the photos are going to look very much identical, I assure you they are not. They have different focal points (flower vs windmill) and different focal lengths. I also snapped a few of just the flowers in the fence line. They were such a nice pop of color against the green of the pasture.

Greene Co. Windmill 1 watermarkedGreene Co. Windmill and flower 1 watermarkedGreene Co. Windmill and flower 4 watermarkedGreene Co. Windmill and flower 3 watermarkedGreene Co. Windmill and flower 5 watermarkedGreene Co. Windmill and flower 7 watermarkedWindmill, closeup watermarkedflowers in fence line 1 watermarkedflower in fence line 2 watermarked

Lastly, my favorite hayfield of the summer. I couldn’t have asked for a better scene–this, my friends, is what the quintessential Iowa summer looks like. The first set of five was taken via my Samsung Galaxy S7 (I was out getting groceries and had to pull over and snap this mostly baled field of hay) and edited with a softer, golden hue. The second set of five was taken on the same day as the images above. It was completely baled this time and, while the clouds weren’t quite as voluptuous, they still made for a great backdrop.


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