Take a Hike: Sunflower Field Exploration at Dunbar Slough

After social media exploded in early July with all kinds of beautiful, vibrant sunflower photos, I decided I would trek out and see if I could find a field of them as well. Sometimes I’m a follower. Sue me. I did, however, seek a location likely unexplored by others in my photography community. While the vast majority of shots I had been seeing were coming from Badger Creek Recreation Area near Van Meter (which looks like a lovely place), I decided I didn’t want the same vistas as everyone else. So, after an email exchange with a conservation officer from Greene County, I learned that Dunbar Slough, near Scranton, had a large field of them planted for wildlife. After receiving some directions, I took off on a Saturday morning in pursuit of those bright yellow beauties. You see, that was another thing–most of the photos I was seeing were sunset shots. And, again, while they were gorgeous, I wanted something different–something that would set my images apart from those I had been fawning over for the past couple weeks. While I didn’t quite make sunrise, I did manage to have a brilliant blue sky to work with, and I’m pretty happy with the end results. It was about a half a mile or so to get back to this field and 100% worth it. I’ll be remembering this spot in the future for sure.

Sunflower 6 watermarkedSunflower 7 watermarkedSunflower topside 1 watermarkedSunflower 5 watermarked

Sunflower 3 watermarkedSunflower 4 watermarkedSunflower 1 watermarkedSunflower 2 watermarkedSunflower 11 watermarkedSunflower 8 watermarkedSunflower 10 watermarked

Sunflower 9986.1 watermarkedSunflower 9986.2 watermarkedSunflower 9986.2 matte70per watermarked

Bee on Sunflower watermarked

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