Gravel Travel: Boone, Guthrie, & Greene Counties–Bridges and Beyond

I haven’t taken too many trips around the state yet this summer, but I did have a beautiful day to spend some time around Memorial Day (a few shots from Panora’s beautifully decorated downtown) on the back roads in Boone, Guthrie, and Green counties. I did a fair amount of planning for this adventure–between Bridge Hunter–Iowa and some painstakingly crazy hours scanning individual county roads on Google Maps (yes, I mean I zoomed in on the satellite view and searched for anything that looked like a barn, silo, etc. and pinned it to my map), I was able to find some interesting locations. What is even more exciting is the locations that I didn’t expect to find–the abandoned farm for instance. It was a happy accident that I drove past it while searching for a bridge in the area. I nearly drove past it before backing up and getting a few shots from the road. *What I’d give to explore that house.*

There isn’t much I love more than getting lost down a gravel road. You never know what you’ll find or who you might meet. While most people wave and drive on by, occasionally some will stop to see if I’m ok or in need of help. On this particular day, however, while standing at the edge of the bridges, trying to find the perfect angel, an older gentleman pull over and ask me if I was fishing! Once he realized I had a camera around my neck he chuckled and told me that the old bridge ought to make for some nice photos before driving on.

Old metal truss bridges are getting so hard to find. These rural roads still hid a few, but be it age, wear and tear, or the increasing size of farm implements, these bridges are disappearing and being replaced with modern, boring concrete structures that while functional, do nothing to enhance the aesthetics of our beautiful countryside. So, I am trying to immortalize as many as I can find so that generations past, present, and future can still enjoy their beauty and uniqueness.

Hope you enjoy my journey!

**Post is very photo-heavy. Images grouped in grids for ease of viewing. If you wish to view an image at a larger size, please click on the image.

Wooden Bridge, Guthrie County 4 CRedit watermarkedWooden Bridge, Guthrie County 4 CRedit lk watermarked

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