Reflecting: Brushy Creek

You’re probably think, “she just posted a gazillion shots from Brushy Creek.” I’m here a lot, I know. But, you have to understand, it’s probably one of my favorite spots in the state. It’s so beautiful at all times of the year and I truly do discover something different every time I’m there.

Usually when I’m at Brushy Creek I’m hiking the trails. This trip, however, I brought my hubby along and we dropped the canoe in to paddle around and do some fishing. When it became obvious that the fish weren’t going to bite, I pulled my phone out and turned to my other favorite hobby.

I know, I know, phone photography is often seen as not as legit…maybe, maybe not, depending on your stance, but since I’m not quite brave enough to take my camera out in the canoe yet, my Samsung Galaxy S7 was what was available. I’d love to have my Canon with me, but I’m terrified that the day I do decide to bring my Canon along will be the day we capsize trying to real in some monster bass.

Weather was also a factor. This particular day was rainy and chilly and I kept having to tuck my phone inside my jacket to keep it dry. So, while I know I could probably have gotten better shots with my Canon, but I’m still pretty pleased with these. The weather lent to a rather moody feel that I love. I’m including multiple edits of both–while I’m always a fan of the original, sometimes I can’t not include the black and white version (some have two black and white edits–again, I couldn’t choose, so I decided to include both). And, in this case, I think I like the black and white conversions just a touch more.


Moody day at Brushy on the water 1 slight straighten watermarkedMoody day at Brushy on the water 1 slight straighten gloss watermarked


Moody day at Brushy on the water 5 bw from snapseed watermarked

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