Take a Hike: Spring at Brushy Creek

By now it might be kind of obvious that Brushy Creek is one of my favorite spots. It’s a beautiful area with a ton of well-maintained trails. While it seems I stumble upon a new one every time I’m there, I have a few favorite spots that I simply can’t get enough of. Are you tired of the trees in the water shots yet? I sure hope not–they are some of my favorite subjects! I was even able to snap a few from the water while out on the canoe.

**Photo-heavy post; click on images to enlarge.

Up first are some shots of the creek along one of the trails I explored for the first time and a cormorant that was hanging out on the lake as I drove across the spillway.


This set contains both the black and white and color edit for each image. I really love the black and whites, but wanted to share both. I’d love to know what version you prefer, so feel free to give me some feedback in the comments!

I also stitched together some images to create some panoramic images.

Brushy reflection from bridge 1 watermarkaedBrushy reflection from bridge pano watermarkedBrushy reflection from bridge pano, tighter crop, gloss watermarked

Early spring hiking means that there still isn’t much color to anything yet, but the trails were quite and peaceful and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my one-on-one time with nature.

I even got a chance to use my Lensball for the first time! Holding it can be a bit awkward, so I was thrilled to find a rock that cradled it perfectly!



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