Gravel Travel: Spring in Boone County

Sometimes I just hop in the car, pick a gravel road, and see what catches my eye. On this particular drive, I didn’t even have to venture too far from home to find some eye-catching landscapes.

The insane amount of waterfowl on this farm pond was quite the sight to see.

F Ave waterfoul panorama watermarkedF Ave waterfoul smaller pano watermarkedF Ave waterfoul island pano watermarkedF Ave waterfoul 1 watermarkedF Ave waterfoul 4 watermarkedF Ave waterfoul 8 watermarkedF Ave waterfoul 11 watermarkedF Ave waterfoul 12 watermarked

And a cool old truck parked in a fence line, left to weather is always a favorite find. I used Big Tammy (Tamron 150-600) to shoot this guy. He was tucked quite a ways off the beaten path, so this was about as good as I could get for an angle. If I can track down a landowner I may see if I can walk in and explore it a bit more.

orange truck shell 1 watermarked

Last but not least, a barn with a tin roof, technically in rural Greene county, edited three ways. Original, moody, and black and white. Do you have a favorite?

Green County barn watermarkedGreen County barn MM watermarkedGreen County barn lk watermarked

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