Explore Iowa: Birding at Big Creek

Somedays I grab my gear with purpose; others I just drive and see what I find wherever I end up. On this particular, rainy, chilly April morning I thought I’d drive over to Big Creek, maybe stroll around the lake. But, when go there and spotted the abundance of waterfowl, I knew exactly what I would be spending my morning doing. I found a few different vantage points, but my favorite was a wooden dock. I sat on the bench, propped my Tamron 150-600mm (affectionately know as Big Tammy) on the railing and snapped for about two hours straight. I saw flocks of pelicans move in and out, loons dive around, coot float by, cormorants pack the tops of trees, and a fisherman cast from his boat. Watching these birds was such an awesome experience. With the exception of the coot, these migratory birds are only in Iowa for a short time, so I was excited to have a chance to not only see them but to photograph them.

**Photo-heavy post. Photos in grids can be enlarged by click on the images and scrolling through.

Pelican and Loon watermarkedPelicans and loon watermarkedPelican in flight fav watermarkedPelican flying past commorant trees watermarkedPelican swimming away, soft watermarkedPelican with fish 1 watermarked

Pelican, head on, fav watermarkedPelican, reflection 3 watermarked

Loon up close 1 gloss watermarkedLoon 1 lk watermarkedLoon, fav 1 watermarkedLoon, fav 2 watermarkedLoon, fav 3 watermarkedLoon, fav 4 watermarkedLoon, fav 5 watermarked

Commorants in tree 2 watermarkedCommorants in tree watermarkedFisher 1 ansel watermarkedFisher 2 ansel watermarked

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