Around the Acreage: Frosty Fall Morning

This is the last cold post you’ll have to endure for the spring/summer, I promise! I’m officially caught up on photos from last year!

This series of photos was taken on an early November morning around our acreage. It was a crisp morning with a gorgeous sunrise. I rarely get to partake in photographing at this hour of the day (I’m usually on the road to work before the sun is up this time of year, or I’m still in bed, because let’s face it, I like my sleep). The magical way the ice crystals glisten in the early light of the day was a sight I couldn’t pass photographing.

I usually find the snake tail around our creek to be an ugly nuisance, but it turns out, if they are covered in frost and the light is hitting them just right, they are quite beautiful.

Once the sun broke a bit higher, I continued my stroll around to see what frost-covered things would catch my eye. An abandoned bird nest, a fence post, and a dandelion striving to live another day were my first finds.

Then, I ended up in the field…


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