Ice, Ice, Baby

Yeah, bad jokes are kinda my thing. Also, I may know all the words to a particular Vanilla Ice song (#sorrynotsorry) and this was the first tagline that popped into my head when I began laying out this post.

So, ice. Lots of ice. So much that it coated everything and actually made it look kind of pretty. As I mentioned before, winter is not my friend. I really despise the cold. I’d be fine with it if I were a creature that could hibernate, but jobs, bills, etc. don’t exactly allow for me to be a bear for 3-5 months of the year. Instead, I deal with the season by grabbing my camera and finding the beauty that lies within the ice-coated landscape. Turns out, even weeds are cool when they’re coated in ice.

I processed most of these in black and white (it seemed to fit the mood so well), but I included a few of the color edits as well for comparison.

I also tried an editing technique called focus stacking on a couple images. This is where you take several images of the same subject at different focal points. Then, when combined in an editor such as Photoshop, the composite image is [supposed to appear] entirely in focus.

For my first attempt, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. I can see a couple areas where it’s not perfect, but I couldn’t do anything about it without making it worse, so I’m just hoping y’all don’t look close enough to notice!

6853 and 6854 stacked with boost 1 watermarked6859 and 6860 photostack with boost 1 le watermarked

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