Missouri Miles: Exploring My Roots One Gravel Road at a Time

I’m still playing catchup, so bear with me while I take us back to the holidays, specifically Thanksgiving. I spent Thanksgiving with my family in Missouri last year and we were blessed with some beautiful fall weather. While I was there, I spent the better part of a day cruising most of our county’s back roads with my mom. We found some awesome spots to explore and had a fantastic day getting lost in the Missouri countryside. So much so that we’ve got plans to do it again soon!

*Since this post is extremely photo heavy, the photos are set up in a grid format. Click on images to view larger/as a slide show.
**I am posting both color and black and white of most of these shots–I honestly love them both ways and didn’t want to decide which version to share. Consider it my treat to y’all! 🙂

We found old barns with hidden treasures.

Crooked windmills refusing to be outdone by the modern wind turbines that now dot the landscape.

Iron and wood bridges that remind us of a yesteryear that isn’t as far in the past as it sometimes feels like.

We found relics on the side of the road: an old, abandoned truck; a shed lost in over-growth; a brick silo that is only capable of containing the tree growing through its center; and the shell of an old chevy left to rust.

An old schoolhouse rounded out our trip around the county. In surprisingly good condition considering the windows were broken out and the door was barely attached, this old school still had character and charm from days of old. Chalkboards lined a wall and an old piano still held court in the center of the room. (The piano may have been my favorite find from the entire trip!)

A few months ago I entered a photography contest in my hometown. The local retirement center was holding a resident-voted contest to determine what prints would adorn the facility’s walls. I had three images from this shoot chosen. Due to my day job, I was unable to attend the gallery opening, but my mom was able to attend and took a couple shots of my images, framed and hanging on the walls for all to enjoy. Below are my winning images.

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