Road Trip to Weston/Kansas City 2017

I love visiting my family in Weston, a small historic town just north of Kansas City. I only get the chance to get down there about once a year, so when I do go, I try to make it a bit of a road trip. This time, I decided I’d send myself down through the souther corner of Nebraska (Rulo) and then south into Kansas (Hiawatha and Atchison) before crossing into Missouri and doing a senior photo shoot in Kansas City.

When I crossed from Missouri into Nebraska, I spotted this old iron truss rail bridge at Rulo. It was a bit difficult to get the shots I wanted–the best vantage points would have been on private, residential property, so I made the best of it from the road. I edited in color and black and white.

RR bridge in Rulo NE 1 gloss watermarkedRR bridge in Rulo NE 1 watermarkedRR bridge in Rulo NE 2 gloss watermarkedRR bridge in Rulo NE 2 watermarked

My next pull-off was in rural Kansas, somewhere near Hiawatha. I spotted a couple barns and couldn’t resist snapping them from the road.

KS barn 1 le60per watermarkedKS barn 2 watermarked

From here I traversed to Atchison, Kansas. I haven’t been to Atchison since I was in high school, and I never really explored it back then. While I was a bit behind schedule and didn’t have as much time to explore the area as I would’ve liked, I did take a few minutes to wander around the museum. It depicted many aspects of Atchison history, including an extensive section on Amelia Earhart and an exhibits about the Lincoln Kittens 1936 Championship team, the African American Basketball team representing Atchison during an era of segregation. A WWI display showcased the uniform of veteran Oscar May. And, lastly, as a writer and a photographer, I was facinated by a well-used typewriter and an old camera operated by Frank Fogler.

Amelia Earhert display watermarkedLincoln Kittens photo watermarkedLincoln Kittens basketball watermarkedWWI vet Oscar May's uniforms watermarked.jpgCamera used by Frank Fogler watermarkedold typewriter detail shot watermarked

I also had fun snapping some shots in KC’s Art District while doing a senior photo shoot for my little cousin. I snapped a few of my favorites and had fun doing some selective color edits.

Alley Rat mural KC 1 color reveal edit watermarkedFun alley art in KC watermarkedScribe alley art 1 watermarkedScribe alley art bw color mask edit watarmarkedScribe alley art 2 color reveal edit watermarkedArt Alley Reaper Duck 2 watermarkedAlley Art 1 watermarkedMidland mural watermarked18th and Vine mural watermarked

And I really want to spend some more time in the West Bottoms. The old buildings and architecture in this area was really cool to see (edits in color and black and white). Since we were doing senior photos, I didn’t have a lot of time to explore, but I’ll definitely be back. I know there are murals hiding down there and I’m dying to find them!

West Bottoms Building 1 ST watermarkedWest Bottoms Building 1 ansel watermarkedHolsum Food Building WB KC 1 watermarkedHolsum Food Building WB KC 1 char

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