Senior 2018: Karen

I don’t photograph people very often. It’s not my area of focus or my favorite thing to do, but I make exceptions for some of my favorite people. My not-so-baby cousin is a senior this year at West Platte High School in Weston, Missouri. She’s a blast to hang out with and we had so much fun posing her around Weston’s historic downtown and in Kansas City’s West Bottoms Industrial area, KC’s Art District, and Loose Park.

I took close to 3,000 shots of this beauty and had an incredibly difficult time narrowing down my favorites. To see some behind the scenes shots and a hilarious blooper reel from KC’s Art District, head over to my Facebook page (Talya Culbertson Photography) and search through the images and videos.

KMK Barn doorway 1 bw watermarkedKMK Barn 8 watermarkedKMK all-american girl 1 tighter edit watermarkedKMK TK door side view 2 watermarkedKMK laying on hardwood brick wall bkg 3 watermarkedKMK laying looking back lk watermarkedKMK teal door 1a watermarkedKMK teal door 5 watermarkedKMK teal door 4 watermarkedKMK ball, shoes, jersey 2 watermarkedKMK ball on feet watermarkedKMK WB bridge 1 bw watermarkedKMK West Bottoms Industrial 3 bw watermarkedKMK West Bottoms fire escape 1 close crop bw watermarkedKMK Art district blue black 2 watermarkedKMK polka dot art 1 watermarkedKMK Loose Park bridge 2 watermarked



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