Take a Hike: Lake MacBride

I have to admit, I spent very little time here. I had hiked Palisades-Kepler (previous post) in the morning and by the time I got to Lake MacBride, it was even hotter and I was losing interest in being outside.

I’d had Lake MacBride on my list for a while. I’d seen some shots other photographers had taken of a small waterfall and I was excited to check it out and try my hand a long-exposure photography. Unfortunately, the day I went, the lake was on the low side and there was no water spilling over the rocks. I was a bit disappointed and a little thrown since my plans had been destroyed by the lack of a waterfall. So, as I stood there trying to come up with a plan B, I ended up talking to a woman who was walking her dog. She told me about a paved trail that ran along the edge of the water and had some nice views of the lake. So, I turned back, found the trail, and followed it for a good stretch before I decided it was just too hot to continue.

Much like Palisades-Kepler, this park would’ve gotten much more of my attention if it hadn’t been above 90 when I was there. The lake itself is huge–I didn’t cover even a fraction of it or the trails. I’ll be going back for sure. I’m still hoping to get some shots of that waterfall!

Bench by water watermarkedFall colors across the lake watermarkedFall colors and sailboat watermarkedfall colors through the trees watermarkedTrail along Lake MacBride watermarkedred leaf at LMB adv75per watermarked

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