Soulful Classics: Madrid Labor Day Car Show

I’m a bit behind here, so forgive the lack of timeliness, but one of the most enjoyable shoots I did this summer was the Labor Day Car Show in Madrid, Iowa. I love classic cars; be it the shined up beauties, the ever-so-cool muscle car that just screams “drive me fast”, or the rusted-out souls that may or may not make it to the next show, I love them all. You’ll notice I have a bit of a think for Chevy’s–especially the trucks.

Teal Chevy Apache watermarked

Chevy 3100 watermarkedFlag on Chevy truck watermarkedflag in window of old truck watermarkedChevy truck teal and rust watermarkedBlue Chevy tailgate watermarkedBlue 72 Chevelle SS watermarkedChevy 3600 red and teal watermarkedred and teal wheel wheel watermarkedSkeleton in Chevy SS watermarkedRed Studabaker square watermarkedRed Studabaker with Corvette engine watermarkedPlymouth Danger Ride watermarkedMustangs hoods up watermarkedNo. 5 Bobby Unser watermarked57 Ford watermarkedblue ford coupe watermarkedOrange Bel Air watermarkedHoly Shit rat rod 2 watermarkedHoly Shit rat rod watermarked

Photographing car shows is a tricky deal. They are packed in like sardines, the backgrounds are not always very pleasing, and there are people everywhere that not only don’t want to be in your shot, but you don’t want them in the shot either. It’s a game of angles and crossing your fingers that the sun stays behind the clouds (p.s. it didn’t.).

This is the second time I have attempted to do photography at a car show and this time I felt much better about the images I got. I spent a bit more time on the details rather than trying to capture the whole car and found that I really liked the feel I got from the final images.

Under the hood 1 watermarkedUnder the green hood watermarkedRusted out old car headlight watermarkedSport Fury watermarkedRoad Runner engine watermarkedMustang engine watermarkedChevy emblem watermarkedCougar emblem watermarkedCharger Logo watermarked

I also had the opportunity to photograph a group of men who had dressed up with their army jeep, the Ogden Arsenal, and were happy to pose for a photo for me.

MP's dressed up at car show watermarkedmilitary jeep watermarkedmilitary jeep flag watermarkedOgden Arsenal truck watermarked

I am continually intrigued by vehicles of yesteryear and plan to grab my camera and hit up a few more shows in the future. For the time being, I think I’ll see if I can’t find some of these unique beauties and rusted-out souls in the wild.

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