Hot Dam!

When I went on my hunt for Hanging Rock and Big Bend, it led me through the small town of Redfield. Having not been here before, I was completely surprised to find a dam on the river. The area had a little roadside park on both sides of the dam (yes, I explored both) and a hiking trail along the water. After a morning of hiking at Hanging Rock, I came back to the dam and ate my lunch picnic-style, on a giant bolder, while listening to the relaxing sounds of rushing water. It was the perfect little spot to catch my breath and snap a few photos before ending my day in Dallas County at Big Bend Wildlife Area.

Redfield dam through the trees 2 shero60per watermarkedRedfield dam 1 TCS watermarkedRedfield dam 1 TCS gloss watermarkedRedfield dam vertical 2 watermarkedRedfield dam vertical 3 LK watermarkedRocky jut into the river shero watermarkedriver flowing around rocks watermarked


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