Take a Hike: Big Bend Wildlife Area

I really enjoyed exploring the Redfield area this summer. In addition to Redfield itself and Hanging Rock, I discovered Big Bend Wildlife Area, just a couple miles north of town. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of this place, but was quite pleased with what I found. The trails are wide, mowed paths and encompass a large area. There were several trails to choose from and I think I managed to get to just about all of them. Lots of beautiful wildflowers dotted the landscape and a small pond in the southeast area had several ducks and what looked to be a turtle, but he splashed into the water before I could get close enough to know for sure. I’ll be back to walk these trails earlier next year when all of the flowers on the prairie are in full bloom!

barbed wire and flower CAf40per watermarkedbarbed wire and flower LK watermarkedbarbed wire roll on fence post TCS40per watermarkedBig Bend Prairie shero80per watermarkedmacro flower 1 watermarkedred wildflower watermarkedwildflower field at Big Bend watermarkedlook up in the wildflowers watermarked

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