Firearm Photography

As a photographer who mostly sticks to nature and landscape, I tend to feel like my photos all look the same after some time. So, when an opportunity to stretch my wings and try something new presents itself, I have a hard time turning it down. I love a good challenge and that is exactly what this shoot was for me. Figuring out the timing, where to stand, the lighting, and all the necessary elements took a few tries, but once I began to figure out how to make those adjustments, I was pretty pleased with the end results. I already know things I’d do different next time and have a few ideas as to how I can get the motion of the shell ejecting from the gun to slow just a bit more. I’m also hoping to try it with shotguns instead of handguns. I think the larger shell might be a bit easier to photograph than the small ones I was aiming for here.

I also had a lot of fun processing these images. I struggled with whether or not I liked them better in color or black and white or with a fun edit that lands somewhere in between, so I included both for most of the images.

bullets 2 watermarkedbullets and bag watermarkedbullets watermarkedEmpty shell on ground watermarkedJ shootin AR bwb watermarkedShell outta J's gun 1 bwb watermarkedsmoke, shell J's AR 2 bwb watermarkedsmoke, shell J's AR 1 bwb watermarkedrevolver watermarkedgunsmoke and shell 5 darker watermarkedgunsmoke and shell 5 darker bwb watermarkedgunsmoke and shell 4 watermarkedgunsmoke and shell 4 bwb watermarkedgunsmoke and shell 3 watermarkedgunsmoke and shell 3 CE5a1 watermarkedgunsmoke and shell 3 bwb watermarkedgunsmoke and shell 2 watermarkedgunsmoke and shell 2 CE5A.3 watermarkedgunsmoke and shell 1 watermarked

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