Take a Hike: Squirrel Hollow & Goose Lake

In my quest to explore and hike as many county and state parks in Iowa as I can this summer/fall, I picked a couple in Greene County to focus on a few weeks ago.

Squirrel Hollow, Iowa’s second oldest county park, is located in near Jefferson on the Raccoon River. It was 99 in the shade the day I was there, so I didn’t do as much hiking as I’d like (I’ll be checking those trails out again this fall), but I did hang out by the river for a while. It was so calm and peaceful listening to the water rush over the rocks.

Sleepy Hollow Road 1 av watermarkedtrail stairs squirrel hollow av watermarkedrapids from the rocks watermarkedUp river view squirrel hollow vintage from phone watermarkedRaccoon River at Squirrel Hollow watermarkedfell tree at squirrel hollow watermarked

I also did a quick exploration of Goose Lake (which, p.s. is more of a marsh), and by “quick” I mean I walked around the parking lot because I couldn’t see the ground much past it. It was a lot of cattails and marsh and I didn’t feel like taking a swim in the green water, so I snapped the views I could and called it a day. It was pretty, but I think I’d have had more success if I could’ve got out there in a canoe. Maybe I’ll try it out again another day too. Goose Lake is located on a stretch of windy gravel roads off of HWY 4 north of Jefferson.

Goose Lake Marsh watermarkedcattails at Goose Lake watermarked

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