When Sparks Fly

I tried something a bit different recently and thought I’d see if I couldn’t capture the sparks coming off of the blades as they were being sharpened. Light, angle, and proximity were all taken into consideration as I held the shutter down in rapid succession hoping for a shot that was clear. It took a few tries but I finally ended up with a couple shots I was really happy with.

As far as post-processing goes, I loved the original shot so much I didn’t tweak it too much (first two images). However, I did play with it a bit in Photoshop to come up with a few other alternate renderings of the first photo. I’d love to know what you think–do you like the original or does one of the other more artistically styled images appeal to you?

This was something a bit out of my realm, but I think I may try it again. I had very little time to prepare–the spark hit me (yes, bad pun intended, forgive me) about the time the first blade was finished being sharpened. I had to sprint to the house for my camera and then quick click to capture some shots before everything was over. Hopefully, the next time the opportunity arises, I’ll have more than a few seconds to prepare!

5817 SA3.04A1 watermarkedsparks fly darker watermarked

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