Year in Review

Starting this blog was a big step for me. Sharing my photography with the world was a bit scary, but in the best way. I’ve received some great feedback, started making some connections, and have even been featured by Travel Iowa.

Thank you to all who have stopped by to check out my site, like my posts, and have decided to follow along as I carry on with this journey. For more photos and previews of posts to come, follow me on Instagram at @talyaculbertsonphotography.

Below is a recap of what you’ve all enjoyed the most on the blog this year (regardless of when it was published). I hope to have many more exciting photography adventures to share with you all in the new year! Happy 2017 and thank you for stopping by!

Top 5:

“Weston, My Second Home” remains my most popular post. I’m so glad everyone enjoys this one–it’s one of my favorites as well. Weston holds a very special place in my heart and I never tire of the barns in the area.

Tobacco barn with tobacco, doors open, sunset 1 watermarked

flag barnWeston filtered

Coming in second is “Full of Hot Air [Balloons]”. This shoot was a stroke of luck, as I happened to have my camera with me on an evening walk around our acreage when I spotted it floating above. It was so fun to watch this big, bright balloon float over our homestead. If only I could have been in that basket–oh the photos I could take from there!

Hot air balloon square watermarkedVerticle over field warm boost watermarked

Coming in third is “Dandelions.” I’ll admit, as much as I love these photos, the popularity of this post surprised me a bit. I’ve enjoyed see what my followers are interested in as much as I’ve enjoyed taking the photos.

single dandelion oldwest watermarked

dandelion at sunset no filters boost watermarked

“Swan Lake State Park” and “Girls Day: Council Bluffs/Omaha Edition” came in fourth. I’m hoping to get back to Swan Lake this year. It was partially under construction the last time I was there, so I didn’t explore nearly as much as I had wanted to.

Swan Lake BV watermarkedBison eyes and horns b&w watermarkedTed and Wally's strawberry rhubarb pie ice cream watermarkedOld Market architecture trio

And “Harvest,” “Girls Night Out: Des Moines,” and “Winter Country Land” all tied for fifth. “Harvest” and “Girls Night Out: Des Moines” may be a couple of my favorite posts. Harvest is my favorite time of year and I’m forever a kid when it comes to riding in a combine. As for Des Moines, I’ve barely scraped the surface of this amazing city. I’m hoping to get out and explore more areas this year. After 13 years in Iowa, I’ve never grown tired of that skyline.

combining, auger out, old west watermarkedHarvest in the rear-view butterscotch vintage 60per watermarked

DSM skyline at sunest watermarked

State Capitol at sunset 75b watermarkedshattered silence monument sunset below clouds watermarkedfrost on barbedwire aphrodite watermarkedfrost flakes on millkweed pod watermarkedfrosty fence post watermarked

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