Girls Night Out: Des Moines Edition

I spend so much time in Des Moines, surrounded by the beauty of the capitol city, and yet I’d never viewed it though the lens of my camera. So, after a celebratory 30th birthday dinner at Cool Basil with sushi and some Thai food (best pad Thai in Des Moines, by the way) with my beautiful bestie (who was also turning 30), we headed over to the Iowa State Capitol Complex with our cameras and snapped away as the sun set behind the Des Moines skyline. In addition to the skyline and the state capitol building, I spent some time photographing one of my favorite monuments on the complex: Shattering Silence. This sculpture is meant to commemorate “those decisions in which the court shattered the silence of inequality and commemorates those Iowans, like Alexander Butterworth, who refused to stand by silently when they saw injustice.”

This will be the first of many Des Moines photography expeditions. I have my sights set on exploring more of this city, especially now that I’ve got a taste of what it looks like though my lens.

DSMskyline sunset watermarked

DSM skyline from cemetery watermarked

DSM skyline at sunest watermarked

Des Moines skyline with minimal edits.

DSM skyline at sunest bv75per watermarked

Des Moines skyline with a warmer edit.

State Capitol at sunset 75b watermarked

Flag flying atop iowa state capitol building watermarked

shattered silence dsm skyline sunset angle bl watermarkedshattered silence monument sunset below clouds watermarkedshattered silence close up grunge watermarkedSunset on Shattered Silence Monument 1a watermarkedShattered silence dsm skyline2 watermarkedshattered silence silhouette at sunset watermarkedshattered silence sunset shadows watermarkedshattered silence sunset silhouette watermarkedshattered silence orb detail watermarkedsunset in shattered silence orb watermarked

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