Tank Tuesday

It’s beyond past due for a Tank Tuesday post. It’s no secret he’s one of my favorite subjects, but he’s not always the easiest to photograph. When he’s tired I can crawl around on the floor and snap as many as I’d like; but when he’s awake I can get away with a few before he becomes curious about the camera and comes over and sits next to me, thinking he is going to be my helper instead of my subject. Not to mention, when he’s on the move he’s usually a blur. It also doesn’t hurt that when he’s sleepy is when I find him to be his cutest. His flaps get droopier and he can hardly keep those big brown eyes open.

On this particular evening, he was coming off a busy day of playing outside and was bulldog tired (which basically means he goes from whiney to snoring in the blink of an eye)–tongue out and everything.

Now, Tank doesn’t typically lay under a blanket. In fact, he’s not allowed to have them at all (except for the one he sleeps on in his kennel) because he tends to chew on them when he gets bored. This blanket is mine. Tank and I had been snuggling on the floor and when he was good and asleep, I gently rolled the blanket over top of him and got up. As I was walking out of the room I couldn’t help but notice how adorable he looked all snuggled up under my blanket. How could I not grab my camera and snap some shots?

These photos are great in color, but, as I’ve said before, I love to convert shots of him to black and white. The first image is my favorite–his eyes are such an expressive mixture of “must you mom?” and “I’m so tired I’ll put up with about anything.” The second shot is his “so tired my tongue doesn’t fit in my mouth anymore” pose. This is how we know he’s really exhausted. Some bully’s fall asleep with their whole tongue hanging out–so far, Tank only sticks out a little bit. I’m not sure if this is an age thing or if it just differs from bulldog to bulldog–I guess we’ll wait and see! The last to images, while similar, are at slightly different angles. I liked them both, so I included one in color and the other in black and white.

Happy Tank Tuesday! I hope you enjoy these photos of my guy as much as I do!

the sleepiest face aphrodite watermarkedtongue-out tired watermarkedpassed out under a blankie watermarked

face-on-the-floor tired aphrodite watermarked

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