Dandelions, in their warm, yellow flower form, rarely interest the photographer in me. They would occasionally adorn the childhood mud pie if there were no prettier options to pick. And there was the occasional dandelion bouquet that mom would so graciously put in a dixie cup of water for the day. But my favorite part about dandelions was picking the ones that had turned into fuzzy seed heads and blowing all the seeds into the wind, making wishes until the sunset.

As a photographer, that’s still my favorite part. While I’m briefly taken by the golden blossoms in the spring, it’s not until they turn into balls of fuzz that I find them most photogenic. I love the way the way the light sparkles off the seeds. The golden hues that are cast upon it at sunset are oh-so beautiful and has an almost magical feel to it. It also lets me practice my maco photography skills–something I’m hoping to hone in a bit more this year.

single dandelion oldwest watermarked

Dandelions in full bloom1vintagram watermarked

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