Around the Acreage: Spring Edition

The beauty of living on an acreage is that just when everything begins to look normal or just when I think I can’t possibly photograph the same tree again, something comes along and proves me wrong.

I’m continuing my efforts to grasp manual mode on my camera, so I’m photographing everything I can find that will offer me a challenge. In this edition you will see a neighbor’s barn at sunset, water flowing around a rock in our creek (thankfully it wasn’t very deep–I threw on my Muck’s and stood in the middle of it to get most of the water shots), a drop of dew on a steel bridge beam, dewy spider webs, a chubby toad tucked into some rocks, a nest of bright blue robins eggs, a bumblebee buzzing from one dandelion to the next, a tiny spotted lady beetle using thick blades of grass as her highway, and the new reddish-brown leaves of our just-planted autumn blaze maple tree.

Patience is a virtue. Sometimes the familiar can seem already done or boring, but if you just give it time, slow down, and really look at your surroundings, beauty will inevitably catch your eye. When I heard the bumblebee buzzing next to me, I was willing a butterfly to land. After a few moments, I gave up on the butterfly and snapped the bee instead. Had I chased the butterfly (as I’ve done many times in the past) I’d have missed out on this plump little bee with pollen sticking to his backside. It served as a reminder that a new location isn’t always necessary, but sometimes a new perspective and an open mind is. I’m not limited to my surroundings; I am only limited to my imagination and my ability to be creative with my surroundings. And in that I see no limits.

barn at sunset watermarked

creek rapids 1 watermarkedmoss covered rock flowing water watermarkedwater rolling over rock watermarked

single water drop on bridge rail bv80per watermarkedmacro waterdrops on steel beam sharpened watermarked

small dew-covered web on a branch watermarkedspider web bending wheatgrass watermarked

toad side view watermarked

toad facing view watermarked

Robins eggs in a nest minimal edits watermarked

lady beetel on grass blade 1 watermarkedlady beetel on grass blade 2 watermarked

bumble bee side profile watermarked

new leaves on autumn blaze maple boosted watermarked


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