Around the Acreage: Manual Mode

Confession:  I am horribly intimidated by manual mode on my camera. I use it occasionally, but I often end up frustrated or I am in a hurry to get the shot and shoot in auto (gasp! I know, stop judging me, I’m learning as I go here).

After a conversation with a friend about my fears and frustrations of shooting in manual, I decided I was going to give it another go. So, that evening, after work, I grabbed my camera and headed out for a walk along the creek that runs through our acreage. Using my knowledge of the Sunny/16 rule, I figured I’d start there and adjust as necessary. After a few shots and figuring out which way to adjust the numbers (possible the most difficult part of the whole process) I ended up with some shots that I was pretty proud of.

Water stream into creek aphrodite watermarkedWater stream into creek boosted watermarkedWater stream into creek 16x9 boost watermarked

water over rock, soft, lovelyetheralaphrodite watermarkedwater flowing around rock Old West 80per watermarked

practicing water photography lovelyetheral watermarked


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