Revisiting Fall on a Cold Day

Due to my holiday hiatus, I’ve been busy playing catch-up with photos I took in the fall. And, since I’m not overly thrilled with all the snow (which, has finally started to melt) and cold, I thought I’d send us back again to a beautiful, sunny day in October. I took some friends out to my favorite Boone County photography spots before heading over to Ledges State Park to take in the views.

As many of you know by know, I love the Kate Shelley High Bridge, the Wagon Wheel Bridge (which was recently badly damaged by ice jams on the Des Moines River), and another old iron truss bridge in the area. Since I’ve shot this location so many times and didn’t want to take the same photos as I did the fall before, I tried out a few other ideas. While we were there, a heavily graffiti-ed train car rolled through. I snapped on my zoom lens and did my best to capture the bright graffiti on a moving train. I also couldn’t pass up a few fall foliage shots while were were poking around.


When we were finished playing on the bridges and watching the trains, we headed over to Ledges State Park. I can’t believe I’ve lived in Iowa over 10 years now and have never been to this park. It is beautiful. There are several miles of hiking trails, some of which lead to beautiful overlooks to the Des Moines River. The winding road through the canyon provides amazing views of the sandstone ledges that rise nearly 100 feet above Pea’s Creek. With the light changing quickly on us and the large crowds of people, I didn’t end up shooting the “ledges” formations. Rather, I found an awesome old shell of a tree that, due to rot and decay, has a section that is shaped like a heart.  I also found myself snapping the sunset through the trees, trying to capture the shadows among the glow. We took a hike up to the river look out as the sun was setting and I was able to get a pretty decent shot of the view (something I’d like to go back and do again, timing it better next time). There was so much to see and do and the sun began to set before we really had time to explore. I hated having to cut our shoot short, but I will definitely be making many return trips to this park once the weather warms up.

heart tree at Ledges B&W watermarked

Sunset through the trees at Ledges B&W watermarkedsunset throught the trees at Ledges watermarked

looking out at the Des Moines River from Ledges State Park watermarked

View from the look out at Ledges State Park.


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