Swan Lake State Park

A few weeks ago, I had a day off of work and decided I’d grab my camera and go explore. The location: Swan Lake State Park near Carroll, Iowa. 

I don’t know how I hadn’t heard about this place before now. It is a beautiful park. Aside from a large lake for fishing, no-wake boating, and American Coot watching (Yes, you read that right–there were dozens of them swimming around the rocks and dock diving for fish and I couldn’t stop snapping photos of them. They didn’t seem to care that I was even there. I probably could have caught one if I’d tried.) there are two American Bison, swans (although, due to construction, I was not able to see them the day I was there), and two bald eagles. A driving trail circles the park and a bike trail (that was being paved the day I was there) cuts through the park.

I stopped at the nature center and chatted with a lady about the critters before going out to photograph the bison. They were soaking up the sun and didn’t mind posing for a few shots.

I recommend a drive to this area if you’re looking for a beautiful place to hike, bike, fish, paddle, or check out a cool pair of bison. I will definitely be back!

Swan Lake BV watermarked

American Coot on Swan Lake watermarked

American Coot swimming on Swan Lake watermarked

Bison at Swan lake full body head on watermarked

Bison eyes and horns b&w watermarked

Bison, head shot, side view b&w watermarked

Eagle, square, boost watermarked

This guy was in a chain-link enclosure, but was majestic none the less.

small waterfall at Swan Lake watermarked

Tree at swan lake, flaxen daydream watermarked

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