In August, I shared some photos of Iowa cornfields. It was mid-summer and the corn was still a vibrant shade of green. Now, it’s reached its peak and is ready to be harvested.

It’s no secret among my family and friends that harvest is my favorite time of year. Growing upon a farm, riding in the combine or grain truck with my grandpa was something I always looked forward to. Now that I live several hours from my grandpa, I can’t always make it home for harvest and my beloved combine ride. This year, however, my neighbor was kind enough to let me tag along for a couple hours and get my fix for the season.

One evening when I came home from work, I noticed the combine working the field south of our house. I threw on some jeans and boots, grabbed my camera, and headed out to the field. After snapping several shots from the field, my neighbor let me ride for a while and shoot some more from inside the combine. I love everything about this shoot. It was such a beautiful evening and the light at sunset was golden perfection.

If you’ve never experienced harvest in the midwest, I urge you to slow down and take it in. It’s a pretty cool process and you won’t find a kinder community of people than farmers.

Case IH Combine vintagram watermarked

combing at sunest watermarked

combining at sunset 2 vintagram watermarked

looking down row of corn butterscotch vintage watermarked

corn stuck on the combine head watermarked

combining and dumping butterscotch vintage 65per watermarked

combining, auger out, butterscotch vintage 40per watermarked

combining, auger out, old west watermarked

An artsy approach to the image above. I used the photoshop action “Old West” created by Ree Drummond. This could possibly be my favorite image from this shoot.

Coming out of the corn film strip 2

Dan combining corn butterscotch vintage 80per watermarked

harvesting corn buttersotch vintage 70per watermarked

Unloading corn into semi butterscotch vintage watermarked

Harvest in the rear-view butterscotch vintage 60per watermarked

Harvest in the rear-view.

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