The Art of Weaving [Webs]

Earlier in the fall, on a crisp, dewy morning, while on a walk around our acreage, my husband and I began noticing the sun glistening off of what seemed like hundreds of spider webs. Some inhabited, some abandoned, all of them covered in shiny pearls of dew. As a person who’s not typically a fan of the eight-legged arachnids, I was utterly fascinated by the amount of webs that were scattered about. This particular morning, I couldn’t get close enough to the spiders and their webs.

Since I started the trek without my camera, I ran back to the house to grab it and began snapping away.

Below is a collection of my favorite images from that morning. As a photographer, there is nothing more exciting than discovering something so beautiful right beneath your nose–or toes in this case, as i nearly tripped over a dozen of them! My husband was my spotter–he was pointing them out faster than I could photograph them and it was quit challenging to keep our rambunctious bulldog from plowing through them before I had the opportunity to determine if they were photograph-worthy in the first place.

The challenge while shooting the webs was not only to get them in focus, but keep them there. I played with focal points quite a bit and, while I loved having the dew on the web in focus, sometimes, the ones that didn’t come out perfect proved to be interesting too. A few of them even show a neat bokeh effect–some intentional, others pure chance–I didn’t discover it until I opened them in photoshop for post-processing.

Garden spider weaving web watermarked

spider weaving web underside YOa3 watermarked

web with tiny spider an white weeds watermarked

web square crop warm boost watermarked

web haning with dew seventies warm CE5.126per watermarked

small spider on web, tilt, boost watermarked

spiderweb over creek natural bokeh watermarked

ladder of dew on web b&w watermarked

pearls of dew on web dim boost watermarked

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