Tank Tuesday

It’s time for another Tank Tuesday!

I may be a bit impartial, but I think my guy is so handsome. And his colors and markings make for some interesting black and white photography. He’s such a fun subject for me. Occasionally, if I’m at it for too long, he catches on to me photographing him and gets up and walks away–probably the reason I get so many of him sleeping! Well, that and because he’s a bulldog–it’s pretty much all he does. This one, however, happens to be a favorite of mine. Zonked out in a patch of sunshine; his favorite spot to nap this time of year.

I love this guy so much. I’ve had dogs before, but Tank is special. He picked us. And for that, I am ever grateful.

Just the other day I saw a poem about bulldogs that made me smile and think “yep, that pretty much sums it up.” I saw the poem on a site I follow called Baggy Bulldogs. The poem was credited to ebullymatch.com. It goes like this:

My Heart Belongs to a Bulldog

A bulldog’s not for everyone,

You’ll know that from the start-

But when that Bulldog looked at me,

I quickly lost my heart.

A breed with quite a history,

A dog that stands apart-

Clever and devoted,

With such a loving heart.

Next to my chair when resting,

Or sharing time outside-

I can’t imagine life without

A Bulldog by my side.

Tank sleepin in the sun b&w1 watermarked

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