Full of Hot Air [Balloons]

About a month ago, while out for a walk with the dog one evening, we saw a big, brightly colored hot air balloon floating over the cornfield to the south of our house. Luckily, I had my camera around my neck that evening and was able to snap a few shots as it floated toward our house.

hot air balloon over cornfield horizontal watermarked

Verticle over field warm boost watermarked

Hot air balloon square watermarked

And, because I didn’t think the photos were enough, I thought I’d have a little photoshop fun with the balloon. In this sketchbook-coming-to-life piece, I wanted to show off a few fun photoshop techniques I recently learned while finding a fun and interesting way to use my image of the hot air balloon. The concept is my interpretation and adaptation of a photoshop tutorial I had been wanting to try. While the image of the hot air balloon is mine, some of the other elements were borrowed from outside sources. The open book vector was created by and downloaded from School vector designed by Freepik, the background was downloaded from Texture King, and the doodles are photoshop brushes created by and downloaded from HG Designs. Enjoy!

Sketch book coming to life watermarked

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