Tank Tuesday

Starting today I will be doing a new monthly series called “Tank Tuesday.” I will be posting this guy’s handsome mug the first Tuesday of each month.

Tank, for those of you who don’t know, is my husband’s and my every-so-entertaining English bulldog. He has so much personality and I find his colors and wrinkles to be extremely photogenic (although, I think he’s catching on to the whole camera thing). He’s only (almost) three years old and I have hundreds of photos of him. So, to catch y’all up, I’ll start with some adorable puppy photos and, eventually, work up to current images.

These three shots are of his first couple of days home. It’s hard to believe my 65 pound wrecking ball was every this small! He’s been a real test in patiences over the last few years–while researching the breed one quote I read was “you don’t give commands to a bulldog, you come to agreements with them,” and it couldn’t be more true. He’s smart and he knows it. He has my husband and I wrapped around his paw. Negotiating with a bulldog can be interesting. Sometimes, I just can’t help but give in to those big brown eyes.

I hope y’all enjoy this wrinkly face as much as we do!

Tank second day home sleeping watermarked

Tank snugglin his moose watermarked

Tank with his rope toy watermarked

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