Less Traveled

Growing up a country girl, I have always preferred gravel over pavement. There is nothing more relaxing after a busy day in the city than grabbing my camera and finding a quiet gravel road to explore. Sometimes I go out with a plan. Sometimes I just drive and see where the road takes me. Sometimes it’s the road itself that captures my eye and causes me to pull over–a bend, a hill, a tree-covered archway, a neat old bridge. Either way, I find that my time on gravel is often reflective and a time for me to find some perspective in my life. A time for me to think and to clear my head. It’s these moments that bring out my creative side.

Many know Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”. Sometimes, I think he wrote it especially for me. In the last stanza it reads:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

I find Frost’s wisdom to have had a hand in shaping not only the way I make decisions, but how I find perspective in order to make those decisions. It often seems desirable to take the so-called “easy road”; it feels safe. After all, the road less traveled is bound to be a challenge. For me, it is the challenge that makes the less-traveled road appealing in the first place.

With photography, it’s challenging to take what could be seen as a mundane gravel road and make it look interesting. In this case, the road less traveled is often the most exciting for me to photograph. They’re usually filled with hidden treasures–I just have to find the right perspective.

Fall road in Boone Co below KS High Bridge watermarked

Boone County road near the Kate Shelly High Bridge in the fall.

tree covered gravel road warm etheral boost watermarked

Tree covered road in Story County.

Old bridge on gravel road b&w boost watermarked

Old wood and metal truss bridge in Boone County.

Our road lovely etheral boost watermarked

A quiet gravel road in Boone County at sunset.

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