Bugging Out

I love grabbing my camera after a long day at work and wandering through the trails my husband carved out around our creek. There’s always something to photograph in the tall prairie grasses. This particular evening turned out to be insect-topia. They may work hard to conceal themselves, but with a zoom lens they were instantly magnified and it seemed like with every step I took another insect appeared. A beautiful dragonfly, a woolly worm, a grasshopper, a busy bee, and a rather large spider perched among a beautifully spun web (I had to give myself a pep talk in order to get close enough to to photograph this guy) so graciously posed for me.

At first, I was disappointed that the only thing I could find to photograph were bugs. But, once I started snapping and realized the crazy amount of detail I could capture, I quickly changed my tune and began looking for as many insects as I could find. I’m just starting to learn about macro photography and these bugs made for great practice. I let my lens pull out all the tiny detail of their bodies, eyes, and other microscopic elements that would not likely be easily visible to the naked eye.

Dragonfly 8999 watermark

A dragonfly grips a tall brome grass.

Grasshopper etheral boost watermarked

A grasshopper perches on brome grass.

Wolly worm fav watermark

A wolly worm inches up the stem of a thistle.

bee flying over yellow blooms boost watermarked

A bee hovers over a cluster of yellow flowers.

Spider weaving a web 1 watermarked

A black and yellow garden spider weaves its web in the grasses near the creek.

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