Chasing Butterfiles

I spent the morning chasing a pair of beautiful butterflies around our acreage. The first one hopped from flower to flower, ultimately being drawn to a flower with tiny pink blossoms. I watched him land on one flower and then another and just as I would catch up to him he’d be gone. When he finally landed on this pink flower, I ever-so-slowly crawled on my knees in the tall weeds and quickly snapped some shots of him before he took off once again. The other guy, however, was a bit more laid back and basked in the sun on a fallen tree limb as I sat on the ground next to him and clicked away. Of the 50-odd images I ended up with, these two are my favorite.

I had a bit of fun with actions while processing them in Photoshop. Since I couldn’t decide which I like the most, I created photo strips of my favorites. The first image in the strip on the left and the second image in the strip on the right are the “original” minimally processed images. By “minimally processed” I mean that I did basic touch-ups to correct color, contrast, etc. and no additional filters/actions were used.

The photo strip template I used is courtesy of The actions I used are courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. Her actions are easy to use and add a unique touch to photos that you’re looking to have a little bit of fun with! I can’t recommend them enough–be sure you download both sets.

monarch photostrip watermarked

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